*back at Control*

*sitting in a chair beside a bed* How are you doing mom?

*laying in her bed* I'm getting there.

When can you recieve the Dragon Blood?

Raja says that once I'm 100%, he can preform a direct transfusion... providing we can't find any other dragon.

Then... you know?

I kinda figured. Dragons on this planet are rare. Plus, you being my own daughter...

But I'm half Orakian, remember?

We'll let Raja worry about the blood later.

Well, it's not so much the blood I'm worried about.

What is it you worried about?


NEU? Why are you worried about them. Orakio defeated them.

*to self* I don't think I should tell her. I've already told enough. But then again, this could be bad.

Speaking of Orakio, where is he?

*without thinking* He's gone to find Rulakir.

What? *tries to get up* No! Orakio!

*holds Chrissy down* Mom. Relax. He'll be fine. We've got more to worry about.

*lays back down* Like what?

I... the true reason...


NEU created two weapons. The D-Project and the J-Project. In my time, after Wren destroyed the D-Project, it sent a signal and woke up an even more powerful J-Project.

J-Project? Then it really does exsist.

This project... it was much smaller then the Destructo Beam... but... the millions of people this project killed. Aunt Crystal...


*starts crying* I couldn't stand to see her die. I used the Time Machine and went back to this time. Finding my parents had nothing to do with it.


*looks at Chrissy* But I'm glad I got to see what kind of people my parents were.

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(Secret of Mana - Spirit of the Night)