*meanwhile, at the abandoned NEU headquarters*

So this place is really abandoned now?

*looks around the area* Yeah, I'd say so. With President NEU gone, there is nothing left.

Well, there are still a lot of documents here... and neat gadgets.

Don't touch anything.

*picks up a seringe* Hey look at me *pretends to draw blood from his arm* I'm donating blood.

Dude! Put that down! That's an enima seringe!

... *looks at it and then drops it* Eeeeeeeeew!!! Where's the nearest sink?

*looks around* I don't know if they have a sink.

They have to, this place is spotless. Everything is so organized.

What floor are we on? This place has so many basement levels.

Well... according to the number 9 over there, I'd think we're in the 9th basement.

*continues looking* You see any more sets of stairs leading downward?

Nope. *looks by a bookshelf* Hey, what's this? *picks up a piece of paper*

*walks over to Crys* What did you find?

A piece of paper.

Does it have anything written on it?

A-N-J-E-M-A. What does that mean?

Crys... look by that bookcase where you just found that paper.

What about it?

It is a bit away from the wall. Perhaps it moves.

I'll find out. *starts pushing on the bookshelf, which then slides, revealing a locked door and a keypad* Wow!

A locked door. But... the keypad. It's alphabetic.


Crys... I have a funny feeling. Usually only things of the highest security require a alphabetic keypad.

You've really got to stop watching those investigating shows.

What was the writing on that paper again?

*reads it* A-N-J-E-M-A.

*punches in A-N-J-E-M-A into the keypad*

*the door slides open, revealing a stairwell leading down*

Crystal! Good job! You just found a hidden staircase! *starts going down it*

Crys, wait for me to turn on the...

*falls down the stairs* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

... light. I swear, you're becoming more like Orakio every day.

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(Secret of Mana - A Prayer and a Whisper)