*flies in from the sky* Have you forgotten me already Orakian?


*looks at Trunks* Pitiful excuse for a son. *looks at Orakio* So, you've manage to best my own son?

*shrugs* I guess you could say that.

Well, that kind of power deserves credit. I'm willing to make you a deal.

What is it this time Viagra?

*yells* That's Vegeta!!!

What is the deal?

I know where your brother is. We had a little arguement in a location that I will not tell you.

So let me guess. If I can beat you, then you'll take me to Rulakir?

I never said I'd take you to him, but I'll tell you where he is. He's probably still there after what I did to him.

*glares* What did you do to him?

*readies self for a fight* You'll have to find out. Don't worry, his sister is taking good care of him... after her bleeding stopped.

... You monster!

Why thank you.

C'mon Veggietale! Right now!

You're asking for it now, Orakian. *charges Orakio*

*charges Vegeta*

*starts punching wildly*

*blocks every punch* Is that the best you've got?

Grrrrrr. *punches faster*

*continues blocking* You couldn't have lost this much power to be at my level now.

*starts to fly, backing away* You're toast now Orakian.

*looks up* Why do you say that?

*grins* Because you're like your brother, and your sister. You should have seen their faces when I kicked the crap out of them.


*starts powering up some ki magic in his hands* They had the exact same look you've got right now. Hahahaha. Just before I did what I'm about to do.

Nooooooooooooooooooo! *flares up more energy*

*is repelled a bit by this* What the?

*continues to flare energy, hair starts to glow orange again*

*eyes wide, gazing on Orakio*

*slowly gets up* Is this... a 3rd level?

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(Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3 - Vegeta's Theme)