*stops flaring energy* Now, what were you saying Vegeta?

*continues to build up energy in his hands* You have grown in power. But you're still no match for me.

*starts building up a megid ball in one hand behind his back, grinning* What makes you say that?

Because of this. *pulls hands forward* FINAL FLASH!!! *shoots a huge blast of ki energy at Orakio*

*swings arm forward* Megid! *shoots an even larger blast of Megid at Vegeta*

*the Megid spell goes right through the Final Flash, both dissolving, but the megid still having enough strength to hit Vegeta.*

*is hit by the Megid* Gah! *goes to the ground* What... happened?

*walks slowly towards Vegeta* And that's just one hand, and a simple spell. Imagine what I'm fully capable of.

*smiles* You're starting to sound like me now. Alright Orakian, I'll give this round to you... but, I'm not finished with you yet.

*clenches fists* Where is Rulakir?

Check Baxter Forest. *powers down*

*slowly powers down, then flies off*

A 3rd level Orakian?

He's got a lot of power, father.

Yes... *curiously* So he does.

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(Phantasy Star III - Rhys' Anger)