*back at NEU*

*still on top of Crystal* Are you ok?

Yeah... I'm fine bro. But, what just happened?

The capsule... The J-Project! *gets up*

*gets up, coughing* This smoke. I can't see a damned thing.

*appears through the smoke*

*looks at the shadowy figure* Who's there? *draws sword*

*slowly starts walking*

*draws daggers* Stay right where you are.

... Friend?

I can't make it out. Does she think we're her friends?

I don't know. Why don't we try talking to it?

*to the shadow* Can you reveal yourself please?

*shakes head* Weapons... bad... Not friends.

*drops sword* No, we're friends. We just want to know who you are.

I not know.

*drops daggers* Can you please show yourself. We promise not to hurt you.

Ok... I trust. *steps out from the smoke*

Oh my.

I've seen something like this before.

*reveals self* Who are you two?

I'm Crys, this is my twin sister Crystal.

Crys, and Crystal. Pretty names. What is mine?

Uh... you don't know?

*sits down, weeping* No.

Your name is Jema.

Jema? I like that name.

Wait a second. Jema, do you realize what you are?

Sadly, yes. I'm a monster, aren't I? *cries*

*whispers to Crystal* Isn't she technically right?

*whispers back* Don't tell her that. She's part of the Nei prototypes of old.

Will you two be my friends?

Uh.... um...

Sure Jema. We'd like to be.

*whispers* Are you sure that's smart? What would the Chief think?

*whispers* The Chief needs to know one way or another. And if we can keep this thing happy, perhaps it won't destroy the world like the logs said.

Yay! *dances around childishly* I have friends.

*there is another loud explosion in the room*

What the hell?

What was that?

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Breezin')