*stands in the smoke*

Not another one. What is this?

*hides behind Crys and Crystal* *whimpers*

You! Show yourself.

Hisssssssssssssss. As you wish. *steps out from the smoke*

What the???

Surprised at what you see? You fools gave the name of the project to her. I was the one that's suppose to be Jema!

I'm Jema though.

Twins? More twins?

Two is always better then one.

But, none the less, I'm free from that wretched cell. Now, I can truly start having my energy.

What are you talking about?

*comes closer to Crys* I crave energy. I crave the soul of people, their living spirits. And by their energy, I shall grow stronger, and stronger. *looks at Crys* My my... such energy from you.

Leave my friends alone!

*looks at Jema* Jema... now I will always despise that name. I am Anja. I will have your energy.

Crys! Kill her now! That's the J-Project! That's the evil in the logs.


A foolish desicion to stare and not take action. I will not take your energy now... but... that may not stop me from the future. I yearn for powerful life forces. And for some reason... I have a taste for Orakian.

*grabs sword* Oh no you don't.

All I can say is to take real good care of my other self. I wouldn't want anything happening to her you know. *sarcasticly* She is soooooooooooooooooooooo important to me. Hahahahahaha! *runs off*

You dolt! Why didn't you just kill her? We've got to kill her, and fast!

She's too fast. We'll never catch up to her.

Jema can catch her.

You can?

Jema, don't go yet. We need you to come to Control with us.

Control? What is that?

It's our home base.

Home base? Yay! Baseball!

*thinks* I'm wondering if this creature wasn't fashioned from the hyperness of Chris-chris, and the brain capacity of Orakio.

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(Breath of Fire - Final Battles)