*back at the NEU HQ*

Uh... Crystal?


Which way is out?

Jema would recommend the way Anja went.

Man... that Anja freaks me out. Yet, she's so similar to you.

*looks at the door* Well, what are we waiting for? Anja to come back?

*hides behind Crys* No!

... clingy, isn't she?

I'll say.

Are we going outside?

Yes, we are.

Yay! *jumps up and down*


*enters* Hey! I'm the only one who can jump up and down! *glares*


Another friend?

*walks down the stairs* I finally found you guys. Star-star did a good job!

*thinks to self* Chrissy's friend. I can tell.

Who is the cat-woman?

This is Jema. We're gonna take her back to Control for a bit.

I get to go outside! *pounces Stary* Yay!

*pushes Jema off* Don't do that! That's my job!

*jumps off and starts whimpering* Stary not my friend?

??? How do you know my name?

... *looks at Jema* Yeah, how DO you know her name?

Because Crys said name. Therefore I figure that her.

Neither one of you could think of that?


*looks at Crys* Looks like fun. *thud*

You came here to look for this?

The J-Project. Doesn't look dangerous in the least.

Well, either way, let's go back to Control. I came to see Chrissy.

Alright. Let's go.

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(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Transition Spring)