*back at Control again*

Chrissy! *runs to her*

*smiles* Stary, you made it afterall.

So this is Stary. I'm Kyra, pleased to meet you.

This the kid you were talking to me about Chrissy?

Yes. The future kid.

She's got her father's eyes.

I wish people would stop saying that.

You do.

By the way... who is her father?

... it's Orakio.

... I knew that.

So what brings you all the way here? Not just to see me I hope.

I got bored without you. The Chief let me go find Crys and Crystal.

Nice. Did you find them?

Piece of cake. I just followed my hand.


... That didn't sound right.

Get used to it Kyra. Stary is like that.

That wasn't very nice.


So, what do you plan on doing now?

Well, with Chrissy out of action for a while... I decided to come to Control to work a bit.

Work? Did we need help that badly?

Well... that I don't know. But, most of the Air Castle party is gone.

I wonder where everybody went.

Probably to the hideout forums. That is where all the action is now. *winks*

Why didn't I think of that? Of course, the hideout forums. *winks*

... shameless advertising?


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(Dragon Warrior 2 - Town)