*back at the Baxter Forest*

Well... I should probably get going back pretty soon.

Wait a second, Orakio.

What do you want him to wait for?

What is it Rulakia?

*whispers to Rulakir* Rulakir... did you tell Orakio about what we found?

*whispers back* You mean that old thing?

*is clueless as to what they're saying, so starts whistling the theme to Bubble Bobble.*

*whispers* The blueprints for that double sword we found in some old ruins.

Why would we give that to him?

He told us of this 3rd level. We owe him something.

He's family, we owe him nothing.

Still. This could come in handy. I think he might be able to find someone who can construct it.

*sighs* Fine then. Give it to him. Knowing the idiot he'd just lose it anyways. *hands Rulakia the blueprints to the double saber*

*takes them* I wouldn't worry about him.

Are you two done yet?

*hands Orakio the blueprints* Orakio. We found this in some ruins while exploring. Some old guy challenged us to drink something poisonous for the blueprint. Boy, was he in for a shock when we drank it without dying.

How did you do that?

You don't know? Orakians are immune to poison. We can have our power drained, be blown up, be crushed by a huge monster, and die any other way... but we are immune to poison.

Ah. I didn't know that. Where did you get this information?

She didn't. She drank the poison before either of us knew. I drank it myself and it didn't phase me any. Tasted like Moxie to me.

Hmmm... weird. Well, Moxie does kill other people.

Either way, the language looks to be Orakian, but I haven't read Orakian in so long that I can no longer remember it.

*opens the blueprints* Wow. This is a pretty sweet weapon.

Can you read it? It looks like a double-saber to me.

Some of the letters are faded. But I can read some of it.

What does it say?

*reads* I can't make out the materials to the sword, but... in the side is something that translates to something.

Then what is it?!

*reads* "When an Orakian is one, he shall learn to be Alpha. One blade will his weapon be. When an Orakian is two, he shall be Super. One blade will not be enough, but will be when two blades merge. When an Orakian becomes three, he shall be Hyper. The merged blade will no longer cut, but two blades will."

??? What does that mean?

"Becomes three?" The 3rd level?

Possibly. It does reference a Super Orakian at two.

So... the 3rd level is the Hyper Orakian?

Then those old myths are true then. An Orakian can achieve more power. Then I'll have to find this out then.

There is more underneath it... but... the letters are so faded.

Well, either way. Perhaps this double-sword will aid you.

Thanks sis. You too, bro.

*thinks to self* With that kind of power, nobody could stop me from doing what I want to. I could be king of this world.

*slaps Rulakir* Stop thinking of taking over the world again.

... grrrr.

He's fine... as long as I'm with him.

Well... I don't want to have to fight you again Rulakir. So don't go thinking those thoughts again. We'd have no way to revive you this time. Hahahaha.

Very funny.

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