*back to Chrissy*

*sits beside Chrissy's bed* How are you mom?

I'm fine. I just miss my Orakio.

I'm sure he's ok. You know him.

That's what I'm worried about.

*enters the room* Ah Chrissy. So glad to see you're ok.

I could get up if I wanted to. I've been laying in this bed for a while now.

Well. We can't let you do anything until the transfusion is complete.

Did you find any dragon blood?

Sadly... no, we didn't.


Don't worry about me. I won't give up hope. There is always hope.

*looks at her arms* Raja...


I offer my blood. I can't stand seeing her laid up like this.

We're in a bind, and you are of the same blood. *thinks for a second* Come with me. We'll do some tests. *leaves*

Ok. *follows Raja*

*lays down* *sighs* Alone again. But... why is Kyra gonna do this for me? She's stronger than I am, being of both Orakian and Dragon... then why is she helping me?

*enters with a bouquet of red roses* Perhaps because she wants to save her mother?


*lays the flowers down on the stand beside of Chrissy then gives her a hug* How have you been?

*hugs Orakio* I'm better now. Where have you been?

Looking for Rulakir. Ran into Vegeta and some others.

Vegeta? Did he give you trouble again?

Not too much.

*hugs him again* Why were you after Rulakir?

I had to let him know of the Hyper Orakian.

Hyper Orakian? I never knew you to be hyper.

*chuckles* No no Chrissy. Hyper is the proper term for the 3rd level Orakian.

*chuckles as well* Ah. I see.

Did you miss me?

*blushes a bit* Yes, I did. Kyra and Stary were here... but I worried about you.

No worries. I'm here now.

*looks around to Orakio's back pocket* What's that?

What's what?

*grabs the double-sword blue prints from his back pocket* This.

Oh. These are blueprints for a weapon. I don't know if I'll need them, but I need to give them to Zak.

*enters* Hey Chrissy. *looks at Orakio* Hey, when'd you get back?

Just a moment ago. Nobody even saw me come in. I snuck in behind a dozen roses :p

Hey Stary. What have you been up to?

The Chief sent me out to shop for some cat food for Myau. *reveals a few cans of cat food*

I'll take it. I've gotta head back to my room anyways. *takes the catfood*

Oh... you owe me 50 meseta now. That cat food is expensive.

If you'd like, you can get a nut of Laerma.

Forget that. Keep the 50.

*gives Chrissy another hug* I'll be back shortly.

*hugs* Ok honey. Be careful.

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(Final Fantasy III - Time Remains )