*in the hallway*

*carrying the catfood* I wonder how Myau is doing. She's been down lately.

*walking in the other direction* That Barney. When will he ever learn?

*continues walking, not paying attention to where he's going*

*walks and bumps into Orakio*

*looks at Jema, dropping the cans of catfood* What the hell are you?

??? Jema?

*takes out sword* A monster in Control... and nobody has even noticed it?

Oooh! Fight! Fun fun! *retracts a pair of claws*

It's gonna fight? How dare you enter control! You shall not leave alive.

We gonna fight?

*makes a slash at Jema* Yes we are!

*jumps over the slash and kicks Orakio before his slash is even over*

*is kicked* Damn. She's fast.

*rolls quickly behind Orakio and punches his back* Hehehehe *hops around*

*is punched and drops his sword* Why you little! *turns around for a fast hook, but sees nothing* Where the hell is she?

*hanging upside down from the rafters* Looking for me?

*is getting angry* Never seen a monster move this fast. I guess I'm gonna have to show it. *starts to flare up energy*

Oooooh. Pretty lights!

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(Final Fantasy III - Boss )