*picks up sword again* Now... feel the power of a Super Orakian.


Super... ORAKIAN! *slashes even faster at Jema*

*does a sit-up while hanging upside down still, then jumps down and lands on top of him*

*pushes Jema off then gets back to his feet* Damn. *aims hands at Jema* Megid! *three huge balls of fire circle around Orakio, then fire at Jema*

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Fire! *ducks the first ball of fire, jumps over the second, then slides under the last one, leg sweeping Orakio on her way*

*is tripped and falls* Grrrrrrrrrr. *gets up again* Now I'm really angry. I'll tear this castle apart if I have to kill you.

Kill Jema? What did I do?

*sees the action* Orakio! What in the blue hell are you doing?! *runs to Jema*

This monster has invaded control. I must kill her!

*slaps Orakio* If it was not welcome, would it even be in the air castle? Our sensors would have picked it up and one of us would have taken care of it.

Then what is this... thing?

This... well... this is the J-Project... or at least part of it.

J-Project? This thing? It can't even hurt a fly.

Not yet anyways. She's fast though, have you noticed?

Yes, of course I'm fast.

Plus... she's actually maturing fastly. Just a moment ago she was talking like a 3 year old.

But... if this is the J-Project... where is all the trouble it is suppose to cause?

*sirens go off and red flashes of light appear*


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(Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - Boss (Remix) )