*runs out his room* What the hell is that?


Orakio! *runs to him* Thank goodness you're here.

*hands Zak the blueprints* Can you hold onto these for a while?

*takes the blueprints* I can, but that's not important right now. Didn't you hear those sirens?

How can we not hear it?

*over the intercom* Would all active field agents report to the main entrance. I repeat, all active field agents to the main entrance.

I guess that means us.

Let's all go then.

What about me?

You're not a field agent.

So? I can still fight.

*hangs head* I know.

*at the main entrance*

What is taking them so long? Dammit, this is an emergancy.

They should be on their way.

One would hope anyways.

*enters* I'm here.

*enters* So am I.

Orak! Why are you Super Orakian right now? Save your power, you're gonna need it.

Fine. *powers down*

*enters* We're here.

Jema? Why are you here. No non field agents aloud.

Whatever the situation, I'm sure she can handle it.

*enters* What's the problem?

*flies in* I'm here!

... too many non members. Why are you here Stary?

I'm filling in for Chrissy.

Speaking of half dragons... where is Kyra. Or Raja for that matter?

Kyra and Raja are getting set for Chrissy's transfusion of blood.

Great. Anyways... do any of you know why those sirens went off?

I thought you knew.

My thoughts exactly.

... no.


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(Final Fantasy IV - Dreadful Fight )