*rolls in with his wheelchair* You guys are as useless as they come.

What do you want, possum?

I'm here because I'm the only one who can explain why those blasted sirens woke me up.

Sparkster... why did they go off?

There is a CRISIS in the world!!! Why else would they go off? I swear you all are morons.


When the sirens go off... *rolls over to the wall and pushes a button* You press THIS button to activate the Crisis Monitor.

*the monitor turns on*

Hmmm... a monitor.

*the monitor reveals Anja rampaging through a town, burning the buildings*


Damn. She's still around.

What is she doing?

So this is the other half of the J-Project.

We need quick action. Where is she?

Hmmm... Looks like it could be... Excalibra.


You've heard of it?

That was Tsarkon's old town. He had destroyed it once already... but it was rebuilt.

Seems to be full of bad luck.

I need agents to go stop her. Who is willing?

I'll go.

So will I.

We'll go.

Star-star go!

I'm going, whether you all want me to or not.

Jema. You can't.

*clenches fists* You want to stop me from going?

*looks at fists of Jema's* No.

I'll set the warp to warp you down to Excalibra immediately.


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(Final Fantasy IV - Golbez, Clad in the Dark)