*in Excalibra*

Dammit, we're too late.

People are fleeing...

People are in flames. *sees a man run out of his house with flames on his back*

Stary, c'mon. We'll tend to the people.

... *looks somewhere else* Crystal! Somebody over here... is dead! *runs to that person*

*runs behind Stary*

Keep up your guard Jema. Anja could still be around.

That's what I'm afraid of.

*kneels beside the dead man* I was right. It is dead.

*examines it closely* No puncture marks. No burning. No signs of any slight damage from the outside.

A virus maybe?

I don't think so.

*goes over to the dead body* What happened here?

This man is dead.

*examines the body* Nothing outside. *places ear to the chest* Doesn't sound like anything internal either.

What could have done this then?

*looks over to Orakia and the rest* Orakia! Look out!

*stands up* Huh?

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(Arcana - Boss )