*is tackled by something moving at an incredible speed* Ooof.

*grabs sword*


*crouches down, ready to pounce* Hissssssssssssssssss... Medilsome people. You will not stand in my way.

*helps Orakia up* Sis, are you ok?

*stands up slowly, dizzy* I hit my head. This thing tackles tough.

C'mon, get ready guys!

You all think you can defeat me? Hahahahahaha. Not on your life. C'mon. All of you. I dare you.

*charges Anja with his sword drawn*

*gets out his sword* I should have killed you when I had the chance! *charges*

*leaps over Orakio and kicks Crys across the chin with extreme force*

*is sent flying by the force, landing against the outside wall of a half destroyed house* Oooooooow...

*turns around and claws the left side of Orakio's face*

*blocks the clawing with his sword* Damn. She's even faster then Jema.

*runs and jumps on Anja, wrapping her arms around her neck*

*lets go of Orakio's sword, then judo flips Jema to the ground*

*falls, but quickly gets back up*

*slashes at Anja*

*kicks the sword out of Orakio's hand, then punches his face*

*falls to the ground* Dammit.

*reveals claws* You're going down now! *attacks Anja*

Hisssssssssssssss... sister, why do you attack me? *kicks Jema in the gut just as she gets there* You know you don't have even one millionth of the motavium that I have inside of me.

... motavium?

*staggering* Motavium? That's the liquid from the motavian ruby.

*looks at Orakia* You revealed the secret. *leaps towards Orakia*

What the? *is tackled again*

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(Arcana - Til the Death, Rimsala)