*at the Orakian Palace on top of Mt. Katahdin*

My very sister. Gone now. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd witness an Orakian die.

You've witnessed Orakio die, didn't you?

Oh yeah. I remember that.

*sigh* Orakia. I'm sorry.

*lays in the casket*

*places hand on Orakio's shoulder* Are you ready to get on with the funeral?

Yeah... *starts crying again* I'm ready to say goodbye.

*just then, the doors to the palace open*

*turns around* What the?

An unwanted guest has arrived.

*walks in slowly with a cane in hand, balancing on it* Since when am I unwanted?


Chrissy, why aren't you in bed?

I needed to be here. The transfusion can wait.

*stands still, in tears still* Chrissy...

*walks to Orakio slowly* It's ok honey. It's ok. Let's start this.

*cries* Ok Chrissy. *sits down*

*sits down beside of him*

*stands in front of the casket, facing the audience which consists of all control members* Fellow control members, we are gathered here to mourn the passing of our beloved friend, Orakia. She was beloved by all who met her, and will be missed by all the people whose lives she touched. Wherever she went, she always had a smile on her face, and when she fought, she fought her heart out...

... *under his breath* like a true Orakian.

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(Final Fantasy IV - Cry in Sorrow)