*after the funeral, outside of the palace at nighttime*

*standing on the balcony, looking at the stars* Orakia... I know you're somewhere watching over me. I'm sorry. I should have been the one to take the fall.

*walks out to the balcony* You know, a coat might be good. It gets chilly at night on top of this mountain.

*not looking over* I'm fine.

Still upset?

Don't you know what's happened? People look to me to be their hero, but... I'm no hero.

Why do you say that?

If I was a hero, I could have saved Starbird back when we fought the Dark Entity. I know he sacrificed himself for us... but if only I had been there to save him... he might still be alive.

Starbird had to right his wrongs... he felt he had nothing left in him.

I couldn't save the people of Landen and Mandolin from their destruction. Is that the markings of a hero? Explain how I was the only survivor of the Landen destruction?


I couldn't stop President NEU from nearly killing Chrissy... and I couldn't stop Anja from killing my sister. Do you call that a hero?

... Orakio. You've taken a lot of damage... been through a lot of pain. A lot of people do look up to you to fight for them. It is something you can't give up.

But why me? Why must I be the one who has the burden on my shoulders?

... A great man once said "With great power, comes great responsibility." Orakio, you have a power beyond what I've seen. When you powered up to your 3rd level... I haven't detected nearly that much power in my lifetime.

What about Anja and Jema?

Jema and Anja were infused with Motavium... that's not real power. But... in a world where real power doesn't matter any more... I'd have to say... you've got your work cut out for you. Just be thankful that Jema is on your side.

Then let them fight this thing. What have I got left to fight for?

*turns around and walks away* Your future.

*continues staring out of the balcony* Future... bah. What future do I have?

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