*walks out slowly* Orakio?

*just continues staring* Yeah?

Orakio... come on inside. You'll catch your death of cold out here.

Good for me.

Orakio... *walks to him* What's really wrong?

*sighs* How many people have died... people that I could have protected?

Why are you worried about such a thing?

At one time... I thought I was the last Orakian... then... more kept showing up. Rulakir, Crys, Orakia, Rulakia, Crystal... Kyra. But, the world always relied on ME to save them. Why? Why me?

*hugs Orakio* Honey. Because the world needs somebody. They all prayed to God to send them a hero... he sent you.

Why do I have to be God's hero?

I'm not God... I really don't know. But... I do know one thing.

What's that?

God answered my prayers when he put us together. If you have anything to fight for... please... for our future. *kisses Orakio's cheek, then walks away slowly*

*sighs* *mutters under breath* Do we even have a future?

*walks out* What kind of question is that?

*stands still* Kyra?

So this is really what my father is like? A shivering coward?

*turns to Kyra* I'm shivering because I'm cold.

I came back from the future because I thought I could change what happens in the future. I thought that if I warned you all, especially you, my father, that you could stop this from happening... *starts crying* And perhaps give myself a chance to have some parents.

... Kyra.

Everyone else I knew had a mother... or had a father. But I was different. Tormented all through school because of that. I came back... I came back to give the world another chance at life... at love.


But YOU! You coward! You let the death of your sister get too far into you. Don't you think she wants you to keep fighting? Not only for the world, but perhaps for Chrissy, and ME?

... Kyra... I'm sorry.

Aunt Crystal told me that Rulakir was a coward... but I never imagined my own father being one. *runs off crying*


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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Golden Voice)