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*looks at Chrissy* How are you feeling?

Me? I'm feeling fine.

*looks to the bed next to Chrissy* And you?

A bit tired, but I'm fine.

Well, the Transfusion was a success. Another day in bed Chrissy and you should be alright.

You mean I can finally get out of bed?

Well, you could have been out yesterday if you didn't decide to go to Orakia's Funeral.

I wish I could have gone.

By the way... where is Orakio?

I believe he was talking to Zak before he went to bed for the night.

Do you happen to have an extra pillow?

What for?

Oh, no reason in particular.

Mom... what are you planning to do?

This is mommy-daddy stuff Kyra, you wouldn't understand.

*stares blankly at Chrissy* I'm the same age you are right now, and you're saying I won't understand?

Right. *smiles widely*

*looks at Raja* You sure you didn't get the Orakian blood mixed up with the Dragon blood in the treatment?

If she had Orakian Blood in her right now, she'd probably be dead. It's a match that would clot her blood.

Then why do I have it but I'm not dead?

Because you're a product of a half Dragon and an Orakian. Needless to say.. you were born with it. Hahahaha.

... A laugh a day, Raja.

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