*runs into Orak's room* *looks at Chrissy* Orak! Orak! Get to the main room!

... I'm Chrissy, Chief.

*looks at Chrissy* Well then eat something, those clothes are too baggy.

Chief, what's wrong?

Anja... She's attacked again.


Our radar picked her up near Baxter Forest.

... *thinks* That's where Rulakir was. *aloud* Damn.

Orak, we have to stop her.

Where is Jema?

She's with Crys and Crystal, investigating the ruins of Excalibra.

And Kyra?

Still laid up after the transfusion. She'll be around in a day.

Then who's left?

Just you two. Orakia is gone, remember?

*hangs head* Don't remind me. *looks at Chrissy* Get your equipment, we're going to Baxter.

Right! *salutes*

And find some better fitting clothes!


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(Final Fantasy VI - Metamorphasis)