*starts to yell at the top of his lungs, flaring an intense amount of energy*

*gets pushed back by the energy, still trying to fight her way to Rulakir*

*continues yelling loud, flaring even more energy*

*is swept off her feet and lands far back* Such energy!

*stops flaring energy, grabbing his sword* You've killed my sisters. Half of my family is gone like that. Do you even know how it feels to have family?

I know how it feels to go without lunch. So make like a steak and feed me! *charges him*

*charges Anja, clashing is sword with her claws*

*jumps over Rulakir, trying to kick his face*

*grabs Anja's leg as she does so and throws her back to the ground*

*lands on her back* Ouch! *leg sweeps Rulakir*

*lands on his back, but then jumps back up*

*jumps up* Hmmm... I can tell you're gonna be a lot harder then those other Orakians.

Damn straight! *slashes Anja across the face*

*tries to block it with her claws, but isn't fast enough and takes a cut across the face* *wipes the blood from her face* You bas...

*spins around with his sword, slashing Anja across the gut*

*is cut again* Damn you!!!

If you want, I can finish the job right now.

*grins* You have no chance of beating me as you are. *jumps on Rulakir, then starts clawing away at his face*

*pushes her off, then gets back to his feet* Then again... you can't beat me.

A stalemate... a rather unpleasant one.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - The Sacrifice Part 3)