*voice* It's not Stalemate when you have a pawn left.

Who the hell?

*walks in* I believe this makes Checkmate.

... for the first time in my life, I'm actually glad to see you.

*walks in* You'll have to teach me this chess terminology later.

*looks at the three of them* *squints eyes* *to self* The other Orakian has an equal power of that I just fought... But the girl... *grins* My next meal.

*stands in front of Chrissy* Just don't you dare attack her. I'm not letting you get her like you did my sister. *draws sword*

*looks at Orakio* *grins* You three seem to have me outpowered. Something I soon plan to remedy. *before even blinking an eye, runs away*

Don't just stand there! After her!

She runs too fast. None of us can catch up to her.

*powers down* Dammit! *slams fist to ground*

Rulakir... what's wrong?

*beside Rulakia's body* Orakio! I think you'd better see this!

*runs to Chrissy* Rulakia?

*lays there, passed out still*

Damn that Anja. DAMN HER!!!

Chrissy. We've got to get her back to Control. I've already lost one sister, please don't let me lose the other.

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(Castlevania Bloodlines - Bloody Tears)