*in Orakio's room*

*sitting on his bed* I hope these clothes fit you.

*slips on a black shirt, then sits beside Orakio* You know how long it's been since I've been in normal clothes?

I bet it's been a while.

*hangs head* Before Tsarkon... damn him.

Listen, it's over and done with now.

You know how many people I terrorized back in my day?

Rulakir. Don't bring yourself down. It was not your fault. And if it wasn't for you, I would have never have defeated Tsarkon.

A part of me will always be in the dark. But...

But what?

I don't want to be in the dark.


I see you and Chrissy... and I become jealous of it. I want to feel loved, but I always hid it... because Rulakia knew exactly how I feel. She was there to love me, though she never told me. But I knew she loved me like a big sister would.

But now she's gone...

Exactly... Gone...


I want to kill Anja... I'll do whatever it takes, even if it means fusing.

Do you really think fusing is the best way?

If it will help defeat Anja, yes.

What if by fusing our power still wasn't enough? What if she drained our power while we were one? Nobody in this universe would be able to stop her then.

*looks at Orakio* Where did you get so smart all of a sudden?

Not a clue.

There's got to be a way though.

*a knock on the door*

Who is it?

*opens the door* May I come in?

Sure Jema, go right ahead.

??? Why does she look like Anja? My blood boils whenever I see her.

Jema is on our side. She won't attack you. She wants to solve this problem as much as we do.

Did they decide to clone you Orak?

*laughs* No Jema... this is my twin brother Rulakir.

*looks at Rulakir* Uh... uh...

*looks at Jema, their eyes meeting* Uh.... uh... hello?

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(Chrono Trigger - At the Bottom of the Night)