*back at Zak's lab*

You wanted to see me, Zak?

As a matter of fact, I did. It's about your double saber.

What about it?

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to slit open the blade enough. *walks over to the blueprints on the table, with the Orakian sword laying on it.* Can you figure it out?

*looks at the blueprints* Well, there is a sword on it, so I can't exactly read it.

*removes the sword* What do you see now?

It's too blury. Where's your magnifying glass?

Top shelf, right by the beaker full of flubber.

*goes over to the shelf* I haven't seen any of this stuff since Rune was last here.

Yeah. I had to kick some pink puff out of here before it tried eating it.

*finds the Magnifying glass* Kirby. That wouldn't surprise me any. *walks over to the blueprints*

Does it say anything about a slit?

*reads* Yes, it does. "Slit the merged blade by its thick edge. It is important that you use a Laconian Saw for this, else the blade cannot be slit."

Laconian Saw?

Any idea where to find one?

I don't know. I can't make it, and I don't know if we have any more Laconia in the Laconian Cave.

Perhaps you should shop around.

I'll check it out later. Does it say anything else?

*reads* "When the slit is made, the other blade should be able to fit right into it. Merge the handles together with Laconian Hinges."

Damn. Why is it always Laconia?

Orakians used Laconia for everything back in the day. Plentiful, and very powerful. *reads on* "Now to install the trigger."


*reads* "This will allow the user to press a button which allows for the other blade to spring out. For this, you just need a spring system. Any metal will do, though Laconia is prefered."

A spring system. I think I have one of those laying around. I found some old systems laying around in the old Wily Castle when I searched it... before NEU came along.

*reads some more* "When the spring system is activated, you need a lock system to lock the two blades in place. The lock system must be able to be unlocked so the double saber can go back to become a regular sword again."

I might have one of those.

*reads* "Congratulations... you now have yourself a custom Double Saber. Remember, a double saber can work as a sword, a staff, a spear, or a javelin."

Sounds like fun. Well, I'll get to work on it. I just need to find a Laconian Saw. I'll call you when I need the other blade.

Right on. *leaves*

*goes near his computer* Wheeeeeeeeeeeen you can't seem to find the baseball that's been signed, that's on E-bay. *starts browsing on E-bay*

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(Brainlord - Tower of Light)