*back by the main lobby*

So really, what's the plan?

We strike at Anja before she strikes again.


Jema... I'm really sorry.

It's ok. Monsters like me should never be able to be in this world.

We have to stop her draining techniques first.

*grabs sword* Just slit her hands. That's my plan.

That could work. But... again, what if she's gained more power in this time?

Pray that she hasn't.

*rolls to the lobby in his wheelchair* Not a bad idea. I can tell Orakio didn't come up with it.


Listen, I've picked Anja up on radar. She's heading towards Lorath.

*thinks* So Orakio was right.

We have to stop her.

Not so fast.

Orakio already sent an order to some guy named Sandor.

Ah yeah, the King of Lorath.

*walks in* Sandor should be able to take care of his people. I had a feeling she'd attack there.

What's so great about Sandor though?

He's got a strong armor. The Vay Armor should be enough for at least him to hold his own.

At least you hope.

Vay Armor?

It's an ancient mechanical armor. It has extrodinary power in it.

Maybe, but can Anja drain that power from him?

He doesn't have the power... the Armor does. Sandor is just another human, but because he mastered the armor, he was able to save his land.

Anja can't drain anything mechanical either. Just biological. Draining a human would give her just a little bit of power, which is why she's killed so many humans.

But two Orakians in her power...

I wouldn't worry about it. You've both reached the 3rd stage. You both should be more then enough for her.

So what do we do?

Await Sandor's call.

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(Sparkster (SNES) - Level 1)