*somewhere near Lorath*

Lord Sandor, something is approaching.

This must be what Orakoi warned me about.

What shall we do about it?

Raise the steel walls from the north side. It might buy us some time. After I jump from the roof to attack, signal Orakio to make his move.

Roger that. *leaves*

*grabs the Vay Blade and heads for the roof* Where are you, you little wench?

*from the north side* Ah... my next target. *runs towards Lorath*

*just as she's about to reach the front gate, huge steel walls come up*

*runs into the wall, then falls down* Bah. Steel. I'll fix that.

*reaches the roof and looks down* There she is.

*points hand at the steel wall* Megid!

*jumps down from the roof with his sword pointed down*

*looks up before casting the spell, then steps back*

*the sword drives into the ground, but he quickly picks it up*

Hissssssssssssssss. Fresh energy?

*points sword at Anja* Not today you're not. *starts fighting Anja*

*blocks the slash with her claws, then kicks him*

*the armor takes the blow* Gimme your best shot.

Grrrrr... I shall destroy you!

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(Vay - Mega Battle)