*Get Wise... a public service message to remind you to help control the insanity... for a while*

*at the abandoned NEU factory*


What's wrong Crys?

I can't remember the password to get into the bottom level.

... why doesn't that surprise me?

I'm your twin brother... what should surprise you?

You doing something right for once.

Now that hurt sister. I do plenty of things right.

Name one.

I fixed that broken toilet near our rooms.

You're the one who plugged it up in the first place. I swear that's the last time I'm having bean buritos

You shouldn't have given me that newspaper. I could have been in and out faster.

Let's NOT get into that, shall we? You asked for the sports section, I gave it to you. What the hell is there to read in the sports section?

Well, I get to read the stats... and now because of that I know that Nomar Garciapara was traded from the Red Sox.


*thud* Short Stop for the Boston Red S... uh, I mean Chicago Cubs.

He was that short, eh?

It's a position.

I don't care what basketball player he is, I just want the password.

He played BASEBALL!

I don't give a flying anjema about it!

Wait... that's it!

What's it?

The password! ANJEMA!


How did you remember?

*smiles weakly* Uh... I knew it all this time. I was teasing you.


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(Megaman 3 - Dr. Wily's Castle 1)