*inside the bottom floor of the lab*

There... we finally got in.

Where did we put the logs?

I thought I had that toilet fixed...

... Not that type of log you vulgar pervert!


*looks around* Hey... I think I found them.

Good... grab them and let's get out of here.

Wait a second. *looks at the logs some more* This wasn't the page we left it on.


Don't you understand... somebody's been down here.

... ?

This wasn't here before. *unfolds a piece of paper*

What does it show?


Looks all too vague to me.

It says here the red line is the level of Motavium used in the specimen. The green line shows the power level of the speciment. You see, it gained a lot of power, but as it reached its peak, its power level suddenly dropped.

And then the purple line starts along with the green.


But what does it explain?

Well, look at the green line after the drop. It still managed to gain a lot of its power back, but it plateaus. The purple line gains little energy compared to the total amount of Motavium used.


This graph explains exactly what happened when the J-Project was underway. The green line is Anja, and the purple line is Jema

Wait a second... *turns the paper around* What's on the other side of this graph?

Looks like another graph.

... This one makes no sense to me. Does the red line still mean Motavium?

... The graph wasn't completed I'll bet. But it still looks like a power level. Perhaps of both Jema and Anja.

So by this graph, Anja has much more power then Jema.

Yes, but...

What does that red line stand for?

*voice* Perhaps I can answer that.

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