... Who are you?

Are you the one who gave us these graphs?

Yes. I was here before you guys.

Exactly who are you?

My name is not important. But, I can explain that red line. You were brilliant to notice the back side of the graph.

*blushes* Hehe, thanks.

Did you hear what we were saying?

Yes, I did.

Then was I right about the graphs?

Yes. But neither of you know what that red line stands for.

No, we don't

Then allow me to explain the entire graph. The colors do corrispond with the previous graph, so yes, purple is Jema, and green is Anja. Both specimens were being monitored this whole time. But... did you notice where the graph for Anja started a steep climb?


Do you know what that stands for?

*thinks* Would that be when she drained Orakia?

Very good. And the other one?

When she got Rulakia?

Again, well done.

So we know that she overpowers Jema, but what is the red line for?

John Neu knew the approximate power level for a Super Orakian. That is that line.


But... *gets out a chart from behind him* He never estimated this.

What is it?

*places it out in front of them*

It's the same graph.

But with another line. Look at the blue line.

Is this another power level?

This is the power level of a Hyper Orakian. Anja only slightly surpasses it... but Jema has yet to reach it.

So... we still have a chance?

I'd say so.

Wait a second. How do you know all this?

Uh.... *tries to run away*

*blocks his way* Tell us *points a dagger at his throat*

Fine... if you must know.

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