*holds his sword out to the boy's neck* Well?

Does this look familiar? *shows a small watch*

Hmmmm... Rolex?

No.... didn't Kyra have the same thing?

... What would he have to do with Kyra? Kyra didn't have any siblings?

She did have one... a younger brother.

??? Now I'm confused.

I'm from the future.

Isn't everybody nowadays?

When I was real little, I remember Kyra telling me about the fall of Control.

You don't have to worry about that. We've destroyed the Destructo Beam.

No no. It wasn't the Destructo Beam that destroyed Control. It was a beast named Anja.


The beast snuck aboard, destroyed the pilot, then got out there, crashing the Air Castle... crushing my parents... *starts looking sad*


*looks down, then opens eyes* Do I not have my mother's eyes?

... Your mother?


Orakio and Chris-chris are... or should I say, were, my parents. 2 years after Kyra was born, they had me.

But, we're fighting Anja now. Chances are we'll kill it.

Anja... she never died. Weakened... but... she returned years later. And was in a beastly form. One of a dragon.

??? Weird.

My sister told me that I should go into the past and stop this from happening. We had the information to stop her, but none of us had the power. And... Kyra... *looks sad again*

What's wrong kid?

*looks up, a bit upset* The name is Rhys, never call me kid. And what's wrong is the memory of my sister. I barely got to know her. Being half Orakian, Anja wanted to hunt me down. I've been hiding until I gathered all the information I can get.

You barely got to know her?


Then... you'd better come with us before something happens. We'll tell you the entire story. Because trust me... you're gonna need it.

... fine. Don't forget the logs though.

Like that will happen.

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(Breath of Fire IV - Truth and Fiction)