*At Lorath Castle*

*holds the Vay Blade in his hands, breathing heavily* Just try me. You haven't won yet

*glares at Sandor* That armor has withstood a lot. But it won't withstand much more of my punishment.

*thinks to self* She's right... this armor hasn't sustained this much damage ever. I don't know how long it will hold out.

*kicks Sandor to the ground* Pitiful human.

*falls to the ground* Dammit.

*stands on Sandor's chest* Now... exactly what are you gonna do now?

... this!

What is that?

*comes from behind and tackles Anja to the ground*

*is tackled* Hisssssssssssss. Jema!

*arrives* Hope we didn't arrive too late Sandor.

*arrives, glares at Anja* You're mine!

*arrives* You're outnumbered Anja... just give it up.

*arrives behind the rest* Not exactly the best prediciment for you.

*is surrounded* Well hot damn. 6 on 1. You call this fair... for you?

Fair enough, I'd say.


Sorry for the late arrival, Sandor.

That's ok. I stalled her long enough. But I don't know if my armor can take that much more damage.

It's ok. Get back inside Lorath and tell the people to flee.

Roger! *leaves*

*glares at Orakio* 5 on 1 now. Man, your odds are slowly deterierating.

Let's take her down now!

Yeah. Now!


Jema... you'll be fine. Just fight with us.

*glares at Anja* You've made my entire world suffer, as well as my family. You will pay with your life!

I'd like to see you try!

Hold nothing back everybody!

Roger that!

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(Castlevania II - Bloody Tears Remix)