*flares up energy*

*powers up and grows wings*

*flares energy and grows wings*

*stands there* Damn, wish I could do all of that.

*smirks* You think all of that is gonna stop me?

There's only one way to find out.

I'm gonna destroy you myself.

C'mon everyone!

*stands there, glaring at Anja*

What are you all waiting for?

Absolutely nothing! *charges Anja*

*follows Rulakir's charge*

*roundhouse kicks Rulakir in the gut, then kicks Orakio in the chin*

*fall down* Grrr.

*flies in the air* Dragon Buster! *both shoot a huge beam of dragon energy at Anja*

*looks at Kyra and Chrissy* Double Megido! *points both hands at Chrissy and Kyra, shooting huge flames from both of them*

*the Megid attacks go right through the Dragon Buster attack, destroying it*

*gets hit by the Megid*

*leaps into the air and starts to claw Anja*

*counters Jema's claws with her own* Pitiful double. If it weren't for you, I'd be more powerful then anybody else. *swings her forearm at Jema*

*ducks the forearm and tries for a leg sweep*

*jumps the leg sweep and kicks Jema in the head*

*falls to the ground* Damn...

Honestly now, is this the best you have?

Not by a long shot.

We have more tricks up our sleeves.

*charges at Anja from behind*

*not blinking, backhands Chrissy across the face* You'd better do better then that.

*falls to the ground* Ooooow....

Damn.... Chrissy!

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(Final Fantasy IX - Battle)