*somewhere else in the world*

*walking* What do you know about my sister?

Kyra... she came to us much as you did.

Using the same Time Machine might I add.

So... is she here right now?

Yes. She's here.

But... why did she come to the past?

This might be where it gets confusing...

Why don't I explain it? You'll just make it more confusing.

Be my guest. See if you can do any better.

Well, let's divide all of this into 3 times. Kyra's time, Rhys' Time, and Our Time. If things were to have been left alone, we would have entered Kyra's Time in a number of years. Kyra said that in her time, the Destructo Beam destroyed the Air Castle, Control, and much of the world. Her parents, Orakio and Chrissy, died that day. I was the one who raised her... at least according to her.

... ?

But, since we destroyed the Destructo Beam, the events that happen in Kyra's Time didn't happen. Instead, we've found that what happens if events are left alone now is that we end up in your time, Rhys' Time. But in your time, Anja destroys all of Control, including your parents. Am I right?

Yeah. Ok... so... Kyra came here from her time, assumingly before I was born (given the fact that my parents were dead at the time and I could never be born), and thus changed the future by altering events in Our Time.

... ? I'll just sit over by this tree.

Yes. The Destructo Beam never destroyed Control... but... Anja...

Kyra told me that Anja was weakened dramatically by a fight with the Orakians, but was never killed. Then, one day, Anja came to us in a Dragon form and destroyed control.

That's what I don't get... how could she have turned into a dragon? Chrissy, Kyra, and presumably you were the only dragons left.

This really is confusing.

... *lightbulb appears above head* I've got it!

*looks at Crys* Huh?

Ok, this will be even more confusing... but... I only have a bit to explain this. After that, we have to head to Lorath as quickly as possible.


If Anja did come in Dragon form, she must have drained the powers of Kyra in this time.


Think of it this way... there are two Kyras. The one from Kyra's Time, which is here, and the one from Rhys' time. So even if the Kyra of this time were to die...

She would just be born again in the future.

Yes... so that's how Anja got the ability to turn into a dragon... she ends up draining the powers of Kyra.

Damn... we have to hurry to Lorath.

What about the logs?

Screw them. This is life or death. We'll get the logs in later.

Fine. Let's hurry to Lorath.

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(Final Fantasy IX - Dissipating Sorrow)