*back at Lorath*

*breathes heavily* Damn...

*breathes heavily as well* Double damn.

*stands there, looking at Anja* You monster!

*kneeling down, breathing hard*

Orakio! *holds Kyra still*

Kyra! What's wrong?

She's tired. Too much power used up.

Chrissy... you and Kyra regroup by that tree. We'll finish her off.

*grins, looking at Jema* Looks like you're the only one keeping up with me. Not bad.

You're too evil to be left here. Why do you crave power so much?

*grins* The more power I gain, the easier it is to complete the junction.


*smirks* When I merge with you. We'll be complete! The J-Project will terrorize and destroy the world, just as planned.

Not on my shift you don't! *flares more energy*

We've destroyed one project, the other shouldn't be too hard! *flares up more energy*

*eyes open wide* More power?

*stop flaring energy*

C'mon guys! Let's get her!

Rulakir... this form may not last too long. We have to get her now.


*starts charging Jema*

*runs to intercept the attack, slashing Anja across the chest*

*is slashed, holds her chest* Damn you.

*leaps into the air, sword in hands, pointing downward* See how you handle this!

*looks at Orakio* !!!

Eruption Sword! *slams the sword into the ground near Anja, which then produces many fierce eruptions of fire, all attacking Anja*

Gah! *is burnt heavily by the eruptions* En... *kneels* ergy... Need energy!

*points sword at Anja* Now you'll die.


*looks at Rulakir.* What is it?

It's Jema.

*kneeling down, breathing heavily and burnt badly, but not as bad as Anja* I'll... be fine... just... kill her!


Rulakir! We've got no choice!

*whispers to Jema* You'll be alright. I swear it.

*whispers back* Rulakir... don't worry about me. The world depends on this. Just.... Kill her!

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(Final Fantasy IX - Boss Battle)