*thinks to self* Need... energy. *looks around*

Kill her now! *collapses*

... not now! *leg sweeps Orakio*

*trips over her feet, falls down*

*gets up quickly* Energy! *looks over to Chrissy*

*looks at Anja* Oh no.

*gets up* Forget it. You're too far away to get her.

*slaps Orakio across the face* Oh?

*falls back to the ground*

*looks back at Chrissy* Fresh dragon blood. What a fine addition to my powers.

What does she thinks she's doing?

Drain Beam! *points hands at Chrissy, which then fires a beam of light at her*

Oh Sh....!

Mom! Noooooooooooo! *jumps up and pushes Chrissy aside*

*falls down, then looks at Kyra* Kyra!!!

*is caught in the drain beam*

*turns a bright white as energy flares up*

*charges at Anja* No! *is sent back by the energy* Kyra!!!

*continues to drain Kyra's energy* Hahahahahaha!

*hair turns back to brown, wings disappear* Fath...er... *collapses*

*stops the beam* Well... quarter dragon isn't bad.

*runs to Kyra* Kyra!


*kneels* I'm here Kyra. I'm here.

You little bi...

*glares over at Rulakir*

Orakio... take Kyra and Jema back to Control.

What about you?

I'll be fine. Just look after Jema.

... there has to be another way!

There is, just go and I'll catch up with you later.

... *nods* *picks up Kyra and heads back to the Air Castle*

*picks up Jema and heads back to Control*

*grins at Rulakir* My next victim.

Not if I can help it!

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(Breath of Fire IV - Unwavering Courage)