*arrives with Crystal and Rhys* Damn. What happened here?

*glares at Crys with one of his eyes* Crys, get the hell out of here.

Where's Kyra?

Gone! Now get out of here!

*looks at Anja* Is that...?

Yes... Anja.

Where's dad?

*overhears the word dad* What? Who are you?

*grins, looks at Rhys* My my. I'm sensing the same power in him that I did in Kyra. Did she have a brother that I can drain from as well?

You just try it!

Grrr... kid, get out of here! Crys, Crystal, take him to the Air Castle!

Fine. C'mon Rhys. *leaves*

Who is he? *leaves*

Your uncle. *leaves as well*

*taunting* Ruuuuuuuuulakiiiiiiiiir... Ruuuuuuuuuulakiiiiiiiir...

*glares at Anja* You're not getting away this time. You're fighting ME now!

I don't intend on fighting you.


*grins* Perhaps you've heard of the Baya Malay Tower?

The lost tower of power?

Then you've heard of it. If you want to stop me, I'm gonna be there. Ciao! *runs away*

Wait! *sees her leave* Damn. What would she want with Baya Malay?

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