*days later at Old Orchard Beach, by the Lighthouse, on a rainy day*



Kyra used to come here a lot, didn't she?

This is where we found her. I figured we'd bury her here. No tombstone, just a memory.

*looks at the lighthouse beacon* The beacon is lit. Why?

Ceremonial reasons darling.

*walks up to Orakio, placing a hand on his shoulder* You alright bro?

I'm doing alright.

We'll get Anja for this. She cost me a niece and two sisters. We'll get her.

Speaking of which... where is Rulakir?

*sighs* He hasn't returned yet? I only imagine...

No... not Anja. She couldn't have. He's too powerful.

*walks over to Orakio* Orakio... listen... as soon as the services end, we need to head back to the Air Castle.

I know Rhys. And please, call me dad.

*sighs* I can't. Forgive me.

That's fine.

Raja's arrived. It's about to start.

*walks up to the front of the lighthouse, looking at all in attendance* Looks like few have shown up.

*runs in* Sorry I'm late!

As usual.

Kyra was an interesting person. Quiet at times, but very intelligent... much like her mother to be. She came to us from a time in which there was much pain and suffering in order for us to stop that from happening, and in the end gave her own life so that our future may be secure. Kyra... half Orakian... quarter Human... quarter Dragon... all heart.

*starts crying aloud*

*wraps his arms around her, weeping a bit himself*

Are there any words that would like to be shared?

*looks at Chrissy, then to Raja* I have something to say.

Go ahead.

Kyra was a kind spirit who was never afraid to help anybody in need out. *looks at Chrissy* In many ways, she was a lot like her future mother, whom she sacrificed her life to protect. *looks at the lit lighthouse beacon* Kyra came to this lighthouse many times. In a way though, like this beacon, Kyra was the light in which we were in the dark. Had she not shown up, we still would not have been able to detect what NEU was planning. And... our future, would have been just as she saw. To give up her own life just to see it changed... that's the mark of a true hero. *bows on one knee* A hero that I would like to become someday. *pauses* Kyra... I know you're listening. With every ounce of strength I have, I'll avenge your death and make the future a safe place for everybody. I swear it.

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(Final Fantasy VII - Gentle Heart)