*the next day, back at the Air Castle*

Alright Rhys... what have you got for us?

Ask Crys and Crystal.


Shut up Chief. Crystal, you got the logs?

Right here. *takes out the log book*

Interesting. *starts reading the logs*

But take a look at these... *takes out the graphs*

Interesting... what is it?

The first graph shows the power level of the J-Project. The Red line shows the amount of Motavium induced into the specimen, while the green line shows Anja's Power level. At one point, her power level drops and Anja splits... forming Jema... or the purple line.

Where's Chrissy? She should see this.

She is in her room. She still needs time to mourn Kyra's passing. Anyways, continue Rhys.

The 2nd graph show both Anja and Jema's power as of when Rulakia was killed. The horizontal blue line is the average power of a Hyper Orakian.

So she has just a bit more power... on average, then me or Rulakir.

We also haven't accounted for Kyra. That line will be off the charts if we did.

So what's the plan?

Hmmm... so it is true.

What is that?

Jema was taking quite a beating when you guys were beating on Anja. But... since Anja has gotten more power, perhaps Jema has some more as well. They are still connected.

I wouldn't worry about Jema. They're both gonna die anyways.

I hope not... but what is the plan?

*bursts into the room* The plan is to NOT let Jema die!


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