It all started the other day... after Kyra's Funeral.

It was after the funeral and I didn't know about it?

You were in your room crying the whole time.

... so what happened?

We were discussing ways to defeat Anja when all of a sudden, Rulakir came charging in.

Rulakir returned from his fight with Anja?

Anja never fought him, but instead said that she was heading for Baya Malay.

What is so big about this Baya Malay?

Baya Malay used to be a gateway to this here Air Castle. At the deepest level of the Tower, there is a circle of power. If Anja gets her hands on that and absorbs it, there is no stopping her.

So Orakio and Rulakir went to intercept her?

Well, nobody can get in without the Orakian Blade. But I had it because I was crafting Orakio's Double Saber.


The Baya Malay Tower was sealed in a swamp. The key to arising the tower from the swamp is the Orakian Blade, which is now located within the Double Saber.

When did you give him that? I thought you were far from completing it.

Well, Orakio stayed up with me last night and we finished crafting it. He didn't get any sleep last night at all.

Poor guy. I need to get to him.

Well, if you do, take some help with you. Anja could still be lurking.

Thank you.

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(Final Fantasy IX - Black Mage Village)