Yes X?

Exactly how much action have we gotten lately as Control Agents?

How would I know? I don't even know why we're still here.

I guess we're the only agents that can be fixed.

Well I'm not, and I still don't have any work.

I almost forgot about you.

Oh trust me, everybody forgot about us.

So exactly why are we still here?

Definately not for errands.

Crys and Crystal are used for that.

Notice that Orak's paid less attention to us since Chrissy came in?

Everybody paid less attention once she came in. Haven't you seen her?

*wolf calls* Hubba hubba.

Whata bouta me, Mario?

*looks at Mario* Right.

My wife gets more attention than I do, and half of it is from the Chief.

Is there any reason why we are really staying here?

Well... the pay is good.

Dude. What is our pay?

*walks in* *looks at X and Zero* An obsolete Android I sense.


If memory serves me, Chief Al stopped paying you when he got back.

Why though? We were all so loyal to him.

We're non-profit now. The Agents we have are all we can get, and they work for little or nothing.

Well... who of us is on the payroll?

Looking in memory banks... searching... searching... 1 item found. Would you like to hear?



Payroll: Chief Al, Orakio, Chrissy, Zak, Wren, Crys, Crystal, Raja, Selan, Sparkster, Orakia, Zelda.

That wench Zelda still works here?

Easy boy.

Orakia is being stratched off the payroll in a week though. The rest of you... well, you can all beat it. *leaves*

Does thisa mean we're outa worka?

YES! *growls*

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