*back in the Western Desert*

It's getting late. Why don't we camp for the night?

Sure. Did you bring anything to sleep in?

I've slept out in the sand many times. It's nothing. *lays down in the sand*

*lays down a bit aways from Rulakir* This is rather comfortable.

Didn't I tell you it was?

... no. You said it was nothing.

*sighs* Look at the Desert sky.

*looks up at the sky* The stars are out tonight.

You know... each star has a story.

Each star up there represents a spirit... dead from this world.

You honestly believe that?

I believe that the spirits of our loved ones are watching down from there. Mom, Dad, Orakia, Rulakia, Starbird, Kyra...

You're really fascinated with stars aren't you?

... the first dance Chrissy and I shared were under these stars. She's really special to me. I...

... love her?


*sighs* I guess that's one feeling I'll never know. You are very lucky to have her.

Rulakir... just give it time.

*sighs* Forget it. Good night.


... Good NIGHT! *starts to fall asleep*

*thinks* I wish I could have told Chrissy in person. I just hope she finds my letter.


*Last Night*

*looks over Chrissy*

*asleep on her bed*

*strokes Chrissy's hair* You look so peaceful Chrissy. *places an envelope by her lamp* I hope you get a chance to see this letter. I'm sorry I have to leave you like this without saying anything, but you've had a hard enough time what with losing Kyra and all. I'm sorry I haven't comforted you a whole lot. But this is something I have to do love. *kisses her forehead*

*still asleep, smiles*

I'll come back alive m'love. I promise you. *walks away*



*still lays there* I'm sorry Chrissy. If something should happen, please forgive me. *starts to fall asleep*

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(Final Fantasy VI - Awakening)