*that night, at the Air Castle*

Well, there's no sense going right now. It's already dark out.

I can't believe Orakio would just leave like that.

I can.

Well, either way.

Jema, are you alright?

*lowly* I'm fine. Just scared.

*places a hand on Jema's shoulder* There's nothing to be scared about. Tomorrow, the 4 of us are gonna scale Dragon Heights and get to the Baya Malay Swamp.

Hopefully by then the tower will still be underground, right?

Hopefully. We have to find and destroy the Circle of Power before Anja can get to it. I figure the more of us there are the better odds of us finding it first.

Don't you remember what Zak told us? That there are dangerous monsters inside the tower?

Nothing we can't handle.

Chrissy. Will you listen to me for a second.

What is it Jema?

During this trip, no matter how rough it gets, don't power up.


If Anja senses power, she's gonna follow it. Your life could be in danger if she finds you.

Alright. No power.

*looks at Chrissy's lamp* Chrissy, what's this? *grabs the envelope.

*looks at the envelope* ?? Not a clue. Is it addressed to me?

It says "To my love"

Must be her then.

Let me see it.

Awww... but I wanna see how sappy Orakio can get. *hands Chrissy the envelope.

*opens it and takes out the letter* I stick my tongue out at you ma'am. *sticks tongue out*

*rolls eyes* And I'm the youngest one here.

*reads the letter silently*


I'm sorry I haven't been here a lot for you lately. I know how hard Kyra's death was to you. In case you're wondering, Rulakir and I have gone to the Western Desert in order to get to the Baya Malay Swamp. There is something we need to do there in order to stop Anja completely.
Please do not follow me. This is dangerous enough and I don't want anything to happen to you. I swear I will make Anja pay for what she did to Kyra. All you need to do is take it easy.
I love you always Chrissy. Never forget that.


What did it say?

*sighs* Orakio doesn't want us to follow him.


*puts the letter back on her bed* Doesn't matter. Since when does teh Chris-chris follow orders, especially from her boyfriend?


This is my battle too. Rest up, tomorrow we head for Dragon Heights!

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(Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Zelda's Lullaby)