*that night, at Dragon Heights*

*on the summit*

*stands on the summit, looking down* Ah, Baya Malay Swamp. I've finally reached it. And there is nothing standing in my way!

*a gust of wind picks up*

*starts walking towards it* Little do the fools know that the Tower serves a duel purpose for me. Not only will I recieve the greatest power known to this world, but I will be able to warp to the Air Castle and destroy it myself.

*another gust of wind, followed by a clap of thunder*

And the weather is perfect for me to destroy this world. *looks over the swamp* What is that?

*a mist is hovering around the swamp*

*grins* No matter. That fog won't stand in my way of total destruction.

*the sun starts to rise over the east horizon*

*laughs* The sun rises from the east and the Swamp is west of the Heights. The Tower will be in the shadows when it arises. But first, I gotta wait for that Orakian to get here. Then, I'll kill him and take the sword. Hahahahahaha! This world is mine!

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(Castlevania 3 - Destiny)