*at the Baya Malay Swamp*

Ah, we're finally here!

About time I say. Is there anything around here?

*looks around* Nope... except... *looks at something in the swamp* Eeeeeeeeep! *jumps and hides behind Rulakir*

*looks down in the swamp* What is it?

A Fr...fr...FROG! *hides*

... You're scared of a frog?

Not A frog... Frogs!

There's nothing to be scared of. Frogs won't hurt you.

Well this one has a sword!


*jumps out of the water* Who goes there?

Save me Rulakir!

*looks at the frog* Who are you?

Thy go by the name Frog. Thy guardeth Baya Malay.

*thinks* So they send a frog to do a man's job.

What business does thou hath here?

We're here to destroy the Circle of Power.

So... thou wants inside the Tower?

*from behind Rulakir* Y...yes...

What be his problem?

He's scared of frogs.

I see.

So can we get in?

Legend has been passed down that only the chosen ones shall enter the tower.

Chosen ones?

The one with the Golden Blade. Thy am to escort that person into the tower.

Wait. You mean this thing is gonna escort me into the tower?

There's nothing wrong with that. I'm sure he can fight.

If thou doesn't mind, thy would like to see thine sword.

Oh... of course. *takes out the double saber and shows the golden blade of it*

Hmmmm. Slightly altered, but is indeed the blade that was foretold.

*puts away the blade* Ok. So you'll help us?

Many a year I spent here awaiting the chosen one. What be the purpose of this visit?

Again, to...

From the Chosen One's own lips!

Well... you see, an evil being is after the Circle of Power. This evil killed many people, who include my twin sisters and my daughter from the future. (that's a long story, so I won't explain). I need to destroy the Circle of Power before she gets to it, then to destroy her.

I guess Chivalry mean nothing these days. Alright, I will bring the stone to surface that you need to place thine sword into for it to arise. Willst thou wait here?


Then wait right here. *dives back into the swamp*

*voice* At last, the time has come.


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