*swings from a nearby tree and kicks Orakio in the gut*

*falls down, losing the blade into the swamp* No!

Damn. She got here. What happened to your operatives?

She came from the east. Ryu!

*clenches the wound still* Oh, your little friend got me. But, I shall have the last laugh. *points a hand at Orakio* One move and I drain you for everything you've got. You too, Rulakir.


*hand pointed at the Orakians, reaches into the swamp to grab the double saber* Now... I just have to wait for that Frog to come up.


*looks at the double saber* What is this? An oversized pocket-knife?

Whatever you do, don't press the red button.

*grins* Thank you Rulakir. That's exactly what I'm gonna do. *presses the red button on the double saber*

*one of the blades comes out quickly and slashes Anja across the wrist*

*drops the double saber* Damn. *looks at the sword* That's not the Golden Blade! *lowers her arms*

That's the Shining Blade. *gets up and grabs the sword* *presses the blue button, which causes the gold blade to come out* This is the Golden Blade. The Orakian Sword! *twirls his double saber around*

*comes out of the water with the stone* I've got it. *looks at Anja* Is this the evil?

Yes, it is.

Listen, the stone won't stay afloat very long. It's now or never.

Damn... I...

*shoots a blast of fire at Rulakir*

*falls down* Ouch.

Your choice.

Double damn.

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(Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Agahnim's Theme)