Now... to finish you off! *is hit from behind with a blast of energy* What the?

*flying high above Anja* I couldn't find the skank, so I came back here.

*flies beside of him* I figured this is where she was. I sensed a great power over here.

Saiyans! *grins* More power for me!

Orakio! We'll bide you some time. Get inside the Tower.

What he said. You paid me for a days work, so I'm gonna work.

Thanks guys. *turns to Frog* Where's the stone?

Right beside of me. Better act quick though. Just thrust in the sword until the tower arises, then you can grab it again.

Right. *takes the golden end of the sword and faces it downwards* This is the beginning of the end. *thrusts the sword into the stone*

Double Megid! *fires a blast of Megid at both Goku and Vegeta*

*quickly sways to avoid the attack*

*suddenly, the ground begins to shake*

Whoa! *falls on his rear*


Baya Malay is rising! In all my years of guarding this swamp, I never seen anything more spectacular! *hops up and down*

*looks over at the tower* Damn! It's rising. I must get inside!

FINAL FLASH! *fires a massive blast of Ki energy at Anja*

*looks over at Vegeta* Oh sh...! *is hit by the Final Flash*

My work is done. I've weakened her. Take it from here Kakarot! *flies away*

*still standing, blood dripping down her face* You think that little blast could stop me?

*the earth stops shaking and Baya Malay stands before everyone, reaching beyond the skies*

*whispers* The top level is where the Circle of Power is. Let's go. *hops to the entrance*

*whispers* Right. *follows him*

*watches them enter* Not so fast!

*places palms together and aims at Anja* KA...ME...

*looks over to Goku* You both aren't gonna get me so easily.


*places palms together as well, aiming them at Goku* I've got a trick up my sleeve as well.

HA!!! *fires a huge blast of Ki at Anja*

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(DBZ Super Botouden 3 - Vegeta's Theme)