*finally, inside Baya Malay Tower*

Finally... after thousands of years the tower is finally up.

I know that the tower goes all the way past the skies... but... which way do we have to go to get there?

I've never been in here before. I don't know how to get to the top. There is said to be so many ways to go that anybody who has ever even been in here has never even come back.

Well why don't we just let Anja in here and seal her in here and drop the tower again?

Because with the Circle of Power, she will have the power to raise it again.

Well. There is only really one thing to do.

Split up?

My mission is to escort the Chosen One. I will stick with him.

That's fine. I'll go by myself then.

*a roaring is heard nearby*

Oh yeah. Each floor has a guardian monster on it. Be careful not to run into it. Of course though, each guardian gets stronger as the levels get higher, so... well, just be careful. *looks at Orakio* Now, walk this way. *hops forward down a passage*

*looks at Rulakir* Be careful. *hops behind Frog*

Hmph. Who do they take me for? A human? *walks down a seperate passage* *bumps into something* Uh oh.

*looks at Rulakir* *roars*

Well, this can't be good.

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(Final Fantasy 2 - Magic Tower)