*on the summit of Dragon Heights*

Well, we finally reached the Summit.

*a loud explosion is heard*

*points west* Look over there!

Wow. What a lot of smoke. What caused it?

Anja's down there!

How do you know?

Hey... is that Goku flying?

It looks like it.

Goku and Anja are battling?

Wait a second. Is that... *looks harder* Baya Malay?

... so it is! Orakio did it, and Anja is still outside!

Wonder how that happened.

*appears* He made a few calls.

*looks at Ryu* *blink blink* Ryu?

Uh... do I know you?

*hugs* My hero!

Oh boy, wait until Orakio hears this.

*lets go of the hug* Sorry, always wanted to do that. I've followed all your adventures!

Well, thank you little one.

*kneels down, looks on the ground* Blood... Anja's blood.

Ah, you must be the other half of Anja. The Good one. Yes, I wounded her. And from the sounds of it, the other two operatives are doing their jobs.


Orakio called Goku, Vegeta, and myself to search the lands around the Swamp. Paid us good too. Goku didn't take the money, but Vegeta took both shares.

How much money?

We're talking in the tens of thousands of Mesetas.

... *thinks* He dipped into our wedding fund?

So Baya Malay has risen.

Yes. Orakio, Rulakir... and some Frog went in with them.

... a frog? Orakio is scared of... *covers mouth* Oops.

Orakio is scared of frogs?

I didn't say that.

*laughs hysterically* Oh my word. I now have something over him!

Please don't tell him I told you.

Oh I won't tell him that YOU told me! *continues laughing*

*hits Crys on the side of the head* We've got more important things to worry about.

We need to get into Baya Malay.

Ryu. Thank you for helping me.

You're welcome. And here. *throws a bag at Chrissy* I never wanted to accept payment. Perhaps you can give this back to him.

*takes the bag* No Ryu, you earned it. You keep it.

Ha. I don't need money for anything. It'd just go to waste or be stolen. Keep it. *walks away*

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(Final Fantasy IV - Mt. Ordeals)