*flies to the top of the Summit* Are you Chrissy?


Chrissy, no hugging this one either.

Sorry. ^_^ *blushes*

Orakio told me about you. *throws a bag at Chrissy* This is my payment. When I didn't accept it, Vegeta took it for greed. So, without him knowing I stole it from him. Here, it is rightfully your's.

*takes the bag of money* Thank you. Well, that's 2/3 of the wedding fund money back.

Wedding fund?

Uh... nothing. Do you think Vegeta will...

Not a chance. Anyways, Vegeta and I injured Anja pretty good. She put up a fight though, I'm lucky to be out of there alive?

What was that explosion?

Well, Anja countered my Kamehameha wave with one of her own. Dunno where she learned it from, but once I saw it, I flew out of the way. It caused a pretty good explosion. Chances are she got damaged by it.

*looks at Jema* Jema... are you alright?

I'm fine. We have to get there now!

By the looks of things, Anja has already gone inside. She seems extremely powerful. She wasn't even phased except for a scratch or two when Vegeta used Final Flash.

Thank you Goku.

Also. I've heard a rumor about the Tower.

What's that?

You need an item called the Miracle Key in order to enter the top floor. They say it is somewhere within the tower. That's all I know about it.

Thank you again Goku. I'll make sure to tell Orakio.

Alrighty then. I'm off to go home. Chichi is gonna kill me if I'm late for supper. *flies off*

C'mon, c'mon! Let's go!

Gee whiz. You'd think she's gonna be late for a date.

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(Final Fantasy VI - Mt. Koltz)